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Telescope Tyres

Onsite Truck Fitting & General Services

  • 24/7 Service Fitting
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tyre repairs and disposal
  • Tyre management systems and fleet checks
  • Local tyre delivery
  • Trained tyre technicians operating our mobile service trucks have years of experience and value safe working principles to ensure customer safety and satisfaction every time.

Truck Alignment

As tyres have been improved to give better handling and directional stability, they have also developed a much lower tolerance to misalignment. Maintaining correct alignment of all the wheels on trucks and trailers is critical if we are to achieve good results from modern tyres as well as optimum fuel economy.

Car & 4WD Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is important to the health of your car or truck. If you hit a massive pothole, you might bump your suspension out of the carefully calculated locations that the components have been set. All of the elements that make your car go straight are called "alignment." Some shops try to make it seem like rocket science, but wheel alignment is a fairly straightforward affair. The inclusive term "wheel alignment" involves three main measurements -- caster, camber, and toe. These measurements have standards that a technician uses as targets of adjustment. In other words, get as close as you can to the right measurement.
Feel free to ask us anytime about our Car and 4WD wheel alignment process.  We want you to feel comfortable with us, and are more than happy to explain our process in detail.

Crack Testing

Earthmover, mining, industrial & agricultural wheels & rims are often exposed to heavy loads and extreme conditions.  The tyres fitted in most of these applications are fitted to heavy duty three and five piece wheels and are inflated to immense pressures for operation.  Once inflated to such extreme pressures, the tyres are classified as pressure vessels.  It is common for sites operating such machinery that the wheels or rims be periodically crack tested.
This is a specialised service and can Crack Testing must be carried out by a specially trained wheel technician. To learn more about Telescope Tyres Crack Testing Services, please contact our team on 02 6862 4833

Specialist Truck & Mining Store

We have a  dedicated truck and mining store in Parkes.