Hi-Tec Oils

Super Tractor Oil

Hi-Tec FARM OIL 15W/40 is a special Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) specifically formulated to service tractors with just one lubricant where formerly up to four or more oils were required.

Hi-Tec FARM OIL 15W/40 possesses all the lubrication characteristics necessary to give long trouble-free life to a wide range of agricultural power-driven equipment. It is recommended for most engines: modern 4-stroke diesel normally aspirated and turbocharged as well as gasoline engines, transmissions, differentials, final drives, hydraulic systems, wet brakes and power take-off clutches.

The recommendations of Hi-Tec FARM OIL 15W/40 do not end at the farm since it will improve the performance in many other services including the tough demands on power-driven equipment used in off-highway construction, transport, mining, industrial and marine. Reduced lubricant inventories are a further bonus.

Please contact a store to order this oil.

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