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Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Hi-Tec MULTITRANS ATF is a premium synthetic automatic transmission fluid specifically designed for use in North American, European and Asian vehicles.

Hi-Tec MULTITRANS ATF has exceptional oxidative resistance, anti-wear performance and frictional stability. It provides excellent antirust properties and sludge and varnish control. Its multi-vehicle applicability allows reduction of inventory of transmission fluids.

Hi-Tec MULTITRANS ATF is formally approved to Ford Mercon® V, Allison C-4 and JASO 1-A requirements.

It is suitable for use in equipment requiring GM Dexron® IIIH, Ford Mercon and Ford / BTR 4 speed 85 and 95 LE fluids (new approvals are no longer possible for these specifications).

Please contact a store to order this oil.

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