What is a tyre rotation?

The moving of tyres on a vehicle to different positions which helps with even tyre wear which can extend the life of a set of tyres.

How often do i need to rotate my tyres?

We usually recommended that you rotate your tyres every 5000-7000km’s to get the most out of them, but as a rule at least every 6 months or 10,000km’s which ever comes first.

Note: If the spare tyre is the same as the other tyres on the vehicle and not a temporary or space saver, it can be rotated as well this will help spread the wear evenly across the whole set of five rather than four. See diagram below on how to add it into the tyre rotation.

Diagram: Adding spare tyre into rotation.

Do i need to rotate my tyres?

Typically front tyres wear faster if you don’t rotate them you’ll see that they wear out in pairs rather than sets.

Tyre wear can be caused from a bunch of different reasons, the main ones being:

  • Front tyre wear from turning as there is more pressure put on the outer edges of the tyre.
  • Extra weight in or on part of the vehicle (e.g. Full trailer attached to the back of the car).
  • Alignment or tyre pressures may be out.